Anansi's Tapestry of Lives: 110 NPCs, 40 items, 20 side quests, 70 locations & more

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Don't miss your golden opportunity to experience tabletop gaming like never before! Anansi's Tapestry of Lives is packed with unparalleled tools and resources that will take your Dungeons & Dragons 5E (or other TTRPG) gaming sessions to the next level. Backed by over 1,300 players, DMs, and GMs, our Kickstarter campaign was a smashing success. Now, it's your chance to reap the benefits at a remarkable discount! Anansi's Tapestry of Lives: Immerse yourself and your players in a universe brimming with 110 unique and indispensable NPCs to enliven your world. That's not all, it also features a treasure trove of magical items, side quests and more. While compatible with 5E, this resource is a remarkable addition to any tabletop roleplaying game. Anansi's Journal of Common Places: Step into 70 meticulously detailed locations, each harboring their own concealed secrets waiting to be discovered. These are the overlooked places your regular adventure books don't cover. Whether your players stumble into the castle kitchen or want to know what the inside of their rented carriage look like, these location description help you easily add another level of immersion. VoxStoria Web App: So much of an NPCs mood and personality is communicated by voice. With our app, you don't just read about the NPC's, you listen to them too! Featuring professionally voice acted introductory monologues, these loveable misfits help bring your world to life. Choose from a plethora of bundles to find the one that fits your gaming needs and your budget. Act swiftly as the pre-order store won't be open for long. Grab this opportunity and prepare yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience at a great discount. Once these limited-time bundles vanish, they're gone for good! Happy gaming!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

A Very Important Update on Anansi's
about 1 month ago – Wed, Mar 06, 2024 at 07:35:17 PM

In the good news column, Tales of Adventure is 99% finalized. We’re missing a couple of stat blocks, and the proofing/edits I provided haven’t been implemented by layout yet, but once those are done this week, we’ll share through DriveThruRPG. Tales of Adventure has about 140 pages of content. It’s big.

When I upload Tales of Adventure to DriveThru I’ll also be uploading print friendly versions of Gifts of Magic and Journal of Common Places.

A couple? (few?) weeks ago I missed sharing that we uploaded 15 more voices to VoxStoria, bringing the total to 65, I believe. I have 27 that need some light editing/EQ and about 4 that need more love for one reason or another. I have to recast about 14 voices because the VO actors never turned in their files.

That said, more progress on Anansi's  and the physical rewards will be delayed as I provide end of life care for my mom. More details below.

Content Warning: Death

This has been a challenging 6 months, and these next few or several weeks will be more so. In spite of our best efforts, or resulting from some poor decisions by her healthcare team, my mom is has developed progressive liver failure, which has led to kidney failure. 

If you’ve followed my updates, she’s experienced multiple hospitalizations since the end of July, with November being the beginning of things really going catastrophically downhill. Because she's intellectually disabled, I’ve had to be on top of her care as her advocate. In spite of this, we’ve had issues too numerous to detail – from them not getting her fed, to missing medications, to not running certain tests, to “forgetting” to order pre-medications before blood transfusions. 

Most recently she went into the hospital on Feb 8 for C. Diff. While there her kidneys began failing. Her number one repeated request to me the last couple of weeks in the hospital was that she wanted to come home to die. So, my mom was discharged Feb 29 for home hospice. I’m committed to providing her the best comfort and care I can during these last few weeks of her life.

 If you want more specifics, I’ve given some more detailed information on her GoFundMe page - That’s where I’ll be posting updates. I recommend checking it out just for the couple of cute videos of my mom from when she was healthier.

Thursday evening was my mom's first evening home with me. Since then I’ve gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep per night. She’s incontinent now and has extremely limited mobility (basically bed bound), and so she calls me to be change, or sometimes just because she’s confused, or had a bad dream. It’s been less than a week since she's been at my home, and I’m already exhausted.

Hospice provides only about 3 – 4 hours of nursing/nurses aid support per week. It’s not enough. My mom can only stomach 2 – 4 ounces of food at a time, so I have to feed her every 1 to 2 hours. She’s lost over 40 pounds since November 1, and now weight less than 80 pounds. I want to give her the best chance she has of feeling as comfortable as possible, and having as much life as she wants to have, so making sure she gets good nutrition is important. I’m also managing her various pain, nausea, and other medications, along with changing her, and everything else. It leaves me very little time to work (or sleep). Thus the GoFundMe to help pay for private nursing care, so I have time to try and bring in enough of a paycheck to keep a roof over her head. Mine too, I guess.

I also have to stay on top of the hospice nurses/doctors. Example: today the doctor attempted to prescribe her Keflex to treat a possible infection she has at her drain site (she has ascites (fluid buildup in the abdomen) and a drain has been permanently placed). Keflex is cleared by the kidneys and is high risk for patients with renal failure, like my mom. After they told me what was prescribed, I had to remind the doctor she has kidney failure and request a different antibiotic. Anyway, I’m grateful for the hard work of the doctors and nurses, but these failures of the med system are too prevalent and require constant vigilance. I’m hopeful I can get some nursing help soon. I’ve reached out to some services, and am waiting for eval meetings to get setup.

The TL/DR of this is that my mom has to have all my time right now, and I can’t promise to provide much in the way of updates here, until she dies. I just don’t have the bandwidth. 

I'll still be working on your rewards as I can, and I am going to continue my Patreon until at least April (because, frankly, I need the money), but if no one is interested in the content, I won’t keep doing it. For March in the Patreon I'm releasing 2 NPCs, Sylvia Heathrow (a lady of the court) and Old Man Bartholomew (older gentleman about town). Neither NPC is as helpful as they appear, so they have stat blocks in case players catch on. There’s also 4 magic items (Ring of Poison, Ring of Sleep, Wolf Lord’s Cane, and Magic Missile Dagger), as well as two locations (the Garden Veranda and The Gentleman’s Club). We're also offering art commissions through the Patreon, so you can get art of your characters or as gifts for players.

As I said, I will still work on Anansi’s and move the book forward as much as I can. You will get all the physical rewards you are owed – that hasn’t changed (and won’t). I just wanted to let you know that, for the time being, I’ve pretty much hit my limit, while I provide end of life care for my mom. I’m the only child, and I don’t have other family here. We’re expecting 3 – 6 weeks. We’ll see what happens. She has really amazing days, where I almost feel like she can (impossibly) recover. Then there are days like today, when she’s more confused, in pain, and feels like she can’t breathe regardless of how much oxygen she’s getting. Days like today, her diagnosis is self-evident.

 I will read any words of support you share, and I’m grateful for them. I will try to respond, but if I’m not timely, it doesn’t mean I didn’t see what you wrote and that I’m not appreciative. It just means I ran out of hours.

This sucks. I’m sorry. Just bear with me.


A Special TTRPG Valentine's Gift for You 💌
2 months ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2024 at 08:52:20 AM

I'm reaching out to offer a free gift to say “Happy Valentine's Day!” and thank you again for backing Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives.

On my newly launched Patreon page you can download our Matchmaker NPC block (D&D 5E Compatible) FREE, to add a sprinkle of romance and intrigue to your campaigns. Just a heartfelt thanks for your incredible support and a little token of my appreciation.

As my team and I continue creating more enriching and immersive TTRPG content, we're excited to invite you to join us on our newly launched Patreon page. It's a cozy corner we've crafted to share our latest creations, and where your support can help us keep the lights on and bring even more adventures to life.

If we can reach 50 sign ups on our Patreon, I’ll also be including a new illustrated creature and stat block, the Heartwing Sprite!

This month, we've got a lot of treasures in our trove:

  • For just $2, enjoy 2 detailed NPCs and 1 magic item, perfect for adding a little extra to your games.
  • At $4, we expand your world with 4 fully detailed NPCs, 3 fantastic magic items, and 3 searchable locations, each brimming with possibilities.
  • And for $7, all the above comes to life with beautiful illustrations, plus handy magic item cards to enrich your gaming experience.

This isn't a call to open your wallet, but an invitation to help us create new content for you and explore new people, new lands, and new stories together. If you're curious, enchanted, or simply in the mood for more magic, I'd personally be overjoyed and grateful to have you with us on Patreon.

Your support means the world, not just in keeping the lights on, but in fueling the forge that helps us transform imagination into reality. Regardless of you sign up for our Patreon or not, I hope you grab the free Matchmaker NPC. And I hope you know, I sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being part of this journey.

With all my gratitude,

Jamie Van Doren

P.S. Whether you join us on Patreon or continue to cheer us on from afar, know that you're cherished. Happy adventuring!

A Bounty of Voices, New Patreon Adventures, and a Personal Note
2 months ago – Sun, Feb 11, 2024 at 04:41:38 PM

Hello, wonderful backers and adventurers,

As the pages of our journey together continue to turn, I'm excited to share with you the latest chapters of our story. So, grab your favorite drink, find a comfy seat, and let's dive into the updates!

🌟🎙️ VoxStoria: A Chorus of New Voices 🎧🌟

Our digital tapestry, VoxStoria, is now richer and more vibrant than ever. We've added 23 new voice-overs, adding even more liveliness to our NPCs. While we aim to add more, next week will see a cozy addition of 10, rather than 20. I’ve discovered a fair number that have pickup lines that weren’t incorporated or just need some audio engineering magic to clean up their takes.

Here’s who’s new to VoxStoria:

Achu Windwhisper, Albadore Abadorre, Alkrieth, Aunt Berry, Brakav Hargrok, Doolb, Edgar Philidor, Ekee, Finnean Drake, Georgette Lillet, Gunther Roth, Gurdak Athanor, Jiman Sjivak, Kathereene Minolta, Mama Zeb, Mehta Daduwan, MK, Patricio “Guapo” Camancho, Phirth Guntherson, Sam Tsui, Tevantha Gitshire, Valkrath Fantvox, Zia

I'd love if people posted their favorites! I'm really curious!!

✨📜 Our Patreon Page Is Live! 🏰✨

Exciting news! Our Patreon page has officially opened its doors. While the shelves are being stocked with wondrous content as we speak, joining right now, today as a “free member” will ensure you're the first to know about the magical items, intriguing NPCs, and other fantastical resources we're preparing for you. Also, it will help me not be quite so anxious and nervous! lol

This month, get ready to meet:

  • Lady Desdemona, the dangerously charming half-elf Madame.
  • "Sully", our brawny yet tender-hearted street vendor of favors.
  • Tilly, a halfling barmaid with dreams and a love for city adventures.
  • Renny, a lupin with a knack for finding (or causing) trouble.

Plus, we're introducing a Matchmaker NPC stat block and a Player feat, "Master Matchmaker," for those who want to be more adept in the art of negotiation, insight, and forming partnerships of all kinds.

🛡️ New Magic Items Unveiled 🗡️

Also in our Patreon this month are three unique magic items:

  • Heartstone Armor: A guardian of your mind and revealer of hearts.
  • Binding Ties: Bracelets that forge and protect bonds.
  • Betrayal's Kiss: A blade that exacts a devastating toll in moments of critical need.

Check out our Patreon here and add all of this amazing stuff to your story!

📖 "Tales of Adventure" - An Update 📖

Our "Tales of Adventure" compendium is on the cusp of being shared with you. Our layout wizard, recently beset by a minor bane (a bout of illness), is now back at her desk, weaving the final threads of this adventure. Expect an email from DriveThruRPG by week's end with your exclusive link to the tales that await.

A Personal Note on My Mom

Lastly, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support and understanding during a challenging time for me (and my mom). My mom seemed to be improving, but went south this week. She’s currently battling a severe C. difficile infection in the hospital, which has necessitated another pause in her chemotherapy. We’re staying positive, and focusing on taking things one step at a time. I’m hopeful that when she’s feeling better we can record a little video thank you for all of your patience, well-wishes, and support.

Your kindness and patience mean the world to us. Together, we're not just building worlds of fantasy but also supporting each other through the very real challenges of life.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here's to the adventures that lie ahead, both on the page and off.

With heartfelt thanks,


A Helluva Update: Adventures, Voices, and a Dash of Sorry!"
2 months ago – Sun, Feb 04, 2024 at 06:58:53 PM

A fair amount of news to share, so saddle up and buckle in! (Wait. I think those are two different metaphors?)

Big News (and a Little Mea Culpa)

Side note, I'm low-key obsessed with "Hazbin Hotel" and almost titled this section "It Starts With Sorry."

ANYWAY, I originally planned to announce that “Tales of Adventure” has been released, but it turns out there’s so much content that our layout person is still knee-deep in the trenches. Part of that (okay, most of it?) is my fault. You might remember we trimmed some adventure content from “Tapestry of Lives” due to page count constraints. Knowing we'd integrate everything into “Tales of Adventure,” what no one could have guessed (though in hindsight, totally should have expected) is that I’d find a way to pile on more work (yes, by adding more content).

I pretty much completely re-envisioned “Dread Shadows of the Past.” It was our underdog adventure with epic potential. It's not quite where I dream it to be yet, but it's grown from a three-page summary to a beefy 16 pages (pre-layout – and we know how much magic our layout wizard can work). It’s solid now, AND it comes with a pretty kickass Archfey stat block too! So, silver linings, right?

Our project manager/layout wizard is on track to wrap up this week, just dotting the i's on some deadly stat blocks for “The Hunter Hunted.” The Tales of Adventure PDF is looking more like an epic at over 130 pages.

Tapestry of Lives

I've dived back into edits for Tapestry of Lives. Ideally, I'd be done in two weeks, but full transparency, I've been juggling consulting projects where I can (because every month some jerk sends new gas, water, electricity, and other bills. WTF?! Every month?!). The consulting has been eating into my time. However, I'm dedicated to working on this and have blocked  dedicated time for edits. Once those are done, unfortunately, we then have a few layout adjustments to squeeze everything into the printers' specific templates. Once THAT's squared away, I can give you a solid timeline on printing.

Vox Storia

Finally, like, actually finally! They’re not all up yet, but we have 25 voices on Vox Storia. If you pledged at the $68 level or higher, you should have access to the Vox Storia app, where all the NPCs and their voiced monologues await. I believe you’ll need to navigate to the marketplace in the app and select the packs (City, Town & Village, Farmlands, Coast, Wilds). You shouldn’t have to pay (and please don’t if it asks you to).

I personally haven’t had the chance to test it myself, but I've been assured it works, and voices ARE live. If you encounter any snags, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Below is a sneak peek of the NPCs currently available. We’re adding at least 20 every week until we’re all done:

·         Anika·         Anton Thrisk·         Belram Wildboot·         Bernadette Arola·         Boddynock Ningel·         Casseth Ulimal·         Clifton Pagepath·         Corvus Regulam·         Ebek Lazuli·         Edinger Willowgreen·         Gertrude Kranz·         Heather Flu·         Ilya·         King Alastair De Campo·         Kreth'el·         Librallis Nightshade·         Luftian “Father Sole” Lace·         Marash Grigoryan·         Merry Pockets Filled With Fishes·         Old Greta (Vivian)·         Robert Cobb·         Sinclair Ianesco·         Xarez Vanaar Zeri·         Xarietta Flinn·         Zienab Silverlocks

In other news….

We’re Launching a Patreon!

There’s a treasure trove of content that didn’t make it into the books. A lot of my creations took a backseat to highlight our fantastic contributors, leaving a wealth of NPCs, Magic Items, and Locations yet unseen.

Patreon is the perfect platform to share this bounty with you, especially since it allows for immediate access to brand new downloadable content.

Another reason for this venture is to continue supporting our talented illustrators and project manager. Times are tough, and continued work from us means a lot to them. They do stellar work, but without more content for people to enjoy, it's hard to keep the lights on. We're setting tiers as low as $2/month!

Speaking of Art

We’re even offering custom art commissions at the highest tiers (slots are limited), because who doesn't love seeing their characters brought to life!

February marks our Patreon debut, and to celebrate the season (and our launch), we're going all out with four (yes, 4!) romanceable NPCs, three magic items, three romantic locations, and even a commoner NPC stat block (because who doesn’t love a little matchmaking chaos?). Plus, for those looking to add a bit of romance to their campaigns, we’re introducing the “Master Matchmaker” feat. 

If you're considering a one-month fling with our content, February is the month to fall in love.

March warns to beware the Ides, with content themed around betrayal, including a couple of backstabbing villains. April will spotlight charlatans and entertainers, while May brings urchins aplenty. As for June, July, and August… well, let's keep some mystery alive, shall we?

I'll post an update when the Patreon goes live.

It’s now 9:30 pm, and after an 11-hour workday, it's time to call it a night. But stay tuned! I'm aiming for another update by week's end.

As always, your patience, support, and enthusiasm are what keep us going. Thank you, truly. I'm grateful for you.

  • Jamie

Gifts of Magic Released Today! Happy 2024!
3 months ago – Sat, Jan 06, 2024 at 01:18:50 PM

Promo banner for Anansi's Gifts of Magic, which shows the front cover (a dark image of a wizards work room, and on the table are several magical items form the book), the intro page, an excerpt from the wonderous magic items section, and the back cover featuring an image of a home alchemical lab.

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind messages and words of support in response to the Backer Only updates about my mom's extended hospitalization and everything we were going through. I'm grateful. I am happy to report my mom has been out of the hospital for a few weeks and was able to go back to her apartment, with the help of supportive home healthcare nurses and other therapy/healthcare providers. I'm also grateful that even after the many weeks off of chemo because of her surgery complications, she's still responding well to the treatments now that they've resumed. I'm crossing my fingers that this bodes well for the next few months at least. :)

Gifts of Magic is on DriveThruRPG

I just sent links for complimentary copies to the email we have listed for you in Backerkit. If you think you should have gotten a link, and you did not, first check your spam. If it's not there, please reach out to [email protected] 

To date, we've released the following Digital Rewards on DriveThruRPG

  • Anansi's Tapestry of Lives PDF (Early Release)
  • Anansi's VTT Tokens: City, Town, Village
  • Anansi's VTT Tokens: Farmlands, Coast Wilds
  • Anansi's Journal of Common Places PDF (Early Release)
  • Anansi's Gifts of Magic PDF

If you pledged for any physical products, we also sent a link to a complimentary copy of our Commoners Token Pack as a thank you for your patience. If DriveThru asked you to pay, that's an error. First check to ensure you're logged in to DriveThru using your backerkit email address. If it is still asking you to pay, send a help request and/or email me at [email protected]. I can resend the complimentary copy link.

If you feel like you're missing any of these rewards, please email me at [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name and your Backerkit email address, so we can quickly look up your pledge info.

We have several products still pending. I'm in Las Vegas (for work) for the Consumer Electronics Show next week. I'll have limited ability to respod to messages but will do my best. After I return, we'll be able to provide an update on some of the product timelines.

In the near term, we're uploading NPC VO files, so expect a message about those soon. We are also finsihing up Anansi's Tales of Adventure." More news on that soon.

I do want to share the good news that we got some really great print quotes. I want to give a special thanks to Brandon Tharp from Cantrip Cast, who hooked us up. Brandon was also a contributor on the book, providing the adventure that goes with Anton Thrisk. He's also the voice for the NPC Jeremiadon.

Stay tuned for print timeline updates in the coming weeks.

In other, unrelated news, I'm available for marketing, business development, content, creative, art direction, design and other consulting - inside our outside of the TTRPG industry. Reach out to me at [email protected] for more info, project examples, resume, etc. Reasonable rates, and fine with short-term or long-term projects.

Thank you again, everyone. I really appreciate your support and patience.