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It's your last chance to get these TTRPG and D&D 5E resources at a discount! 1,300+ players, DMs, and GMs just like you funded our Kickstarter, so we could bring you a ton of fun tools for your table! Richly detailed NPCs, virtual tabletop tokens, location descriptions, a storytelling app - Anansi gives you everything you need to make your games less prep and more fun! Pre-order now to get discounted access to all the tools Anansi has to offer. Don't miss your last chance to get the books, PDFs, app, cards, tokens, and more at a huge savings. Anansi's Tapestry of Lives: 350 pages of NPCs, items, side quests and more. 5E compatible, but perfect for any tabletop roleplaying game. Anansi's Journal of Common Places: 140 pages of detailed locations the adventure books don't cover. Fits perfectly into any homebrew world. VoxStoria web app: Phone, tablet, desktop access to every NPC description PLUS professionally voice acted intro monologues to bring these beloved characters to life. Explore the bundles, and pick the one that's best for you. We're keeping the pre-order store open for just a little while longer. Once these discounted bundles are gone, they're gone for good! Happy gaming!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last 24 hours! Plus 5 New NPCs UNLOCKED! Next Stretch Goal NPCs + Side Quests
5 months ago – Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 08:12:39 AM

We're approaching the finish line of this incredible campaign! Thank you! 

You've unlocked 5 more NPCs + adventure hooks, and you're about to unlock 2 more NPCs PLUS their side quests!

Please help with the final push!

Please share one or more of these social posts to help spread the word! Let people know you've backed Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, and they should too. We'll get that last stretch goal unlocked in NO Time!

I'll be around all day to answer your questions and respond to your comments, so feel free to reach out!

If you haven't done so already, consider joining our Discord. Well be running playtest and feedback sessions there. If you've backed at the $68 tier or higher, you'll be getting Early Access to all the content. Discord is where you'll have the opportunity to share your feedback.

Thank you again for all of your support!

These books and tools are going to be even More incredible, because you've given us so much support. You've made all this content, all these amazing tools possible. All of us are excited to ensure Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, Anansi's Journal of Common Places, the NPC Voices App, the NPC Cards, EVERYTHING is the highest quality so that they're your number 1 go-to resource for all of your TTRPG adventures!

- Jamie

Stretch Goal #7 Unlocked. Next Stretch Goals.
5 months ago – Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 08:11:24 AM


We're so impressed with the amazing support from everyone! This is fantastic! Thank you!

With this stretch goal, you've unlocked  5 more NPC stat bocks, plus 5 subclasses inspired by some of our favorite NPCs, plus 5 feats to help bring those flavors to any class!

Planned Subclasses

  • Bard: Aerialist (dancing through battle, you inspire and dazzle friend and foe alike)
  • Fighter: Guardian (the halflings' tradition of knighthood - mastiff included)
  • Paladin: Oath of The Vagabond King (sometimes to save the world, you have to tear it down)
  • Sorcerer: Soothsayer (the spirits of nature whisper their secrets to your soul)
  • Wizard: Thrall Lord (living or dead, all things bend to your command)

Planned Feats

  • Acrobat - You're exceptionally graceful in and out of battle.
  • Cavalry Knight - What if your mount didn't die all the time?
  • Petty Nobility - Even if they hate you, they'll respect you.
  • Rebel Leader - Inspire fervor in your allies and fear in your enemies.
  • Tempestarii - Is it really "predicting" the weather when you can change it?

What's Next?

Our next Stretch Goals unlock at $95k and at $105k.


We'll add 2 new NPCs, each with their own side quest. These additions will give us enough side quests to create another mini-book. All 20+ side quests will be in the main book, but they'll now also appear in a separate easy to reference PDF.


I don't know how well fit all the pages in one book, but we'll add 5 more NPCs, with art, voice overs, the whole shebang!

I need to update the graphic, but it's after 11 pm and I'm making the update from my phone. I'll let our graphic person know first thing in the morning!

Thank you again for all of the amazing support! You're helping create an amazing book and set of tools!

- Jamie

Final 72 Hours! Plus Thief of The Sky and Avatar of The Sky Gods Revenge
5 months ago – Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 08:10:08 AM

Funding Update

You may have noticed last night we were over $84k and today we're over $82k.

Someone had to cancel their Avatar of The Sky Gods Revenge $1,500 pledge, and someone else had to reduced their Thief of The Sky $650 pledge. Sometimes someone's situation changes, and we never want anyone to pledge more than they can support. We're grateful for any level of support!

I sharing so that you're all aware what's up.

I'm confident we'll make up the difference and unlock that $85k stretch goal!!! (and more)

You can help by sharing our posts about the project!

  • Twitter Post -
  • Facebook Post -
  • Instagram Post -

Thief of The Sky

Since we're in the final hours, we're opening up the Thief of The Sky ($650 pledge) which get's you pretty much EVERYTHING. The extra special reward at this level is we work with you to write, stat, illustrate, and professionally voice your original NPC. They even get a custom magic item. This is HUGE!

We heard from 2 backers that they just wanted to support at this level and aren't getting the actual commission. That means we have room for 3 more backers before closing the reward!

I'd just set a number limit on it, but my cat literally walked across the key board changing the limit to 8000 and if I set a number limit I can't set it below 8000. Ooof. The tyranny of cats.

Avatar of The Last Sky God's Revenge

We have two slots now in this $1,500 mega tier. This get's you everything in Thief of The Sky, AND you get to play D&D with some amazing voice actors and writers. I'm not allowed to say who just yet, but ummm... trust me this is an amazing once in a life-time opportunity!

I hope you all are excited for all the incredible content we're bringing you. This is seriously going to be one of the best supplements on your shelf or on your hard drive! I can't wait for you to see the finished products!

Let's Gooooo!

- Jamie

Stretch Goal Updates! Plus more magic item art, and "Kids on Bikes!"
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 21, 2022 at 02:50:00 AM

I've been out of town, so no updates for a few days. BUT, I'M BACK! And I am happy to share, we're less than $5,000 from our next Stretch Goal!

Also a formal correction, in one of my earlier updates I incorrectly stated the stretch goal numbers. The current stretch goal we're unlocking is #7, not #8. It's Still The Same Stretch Goal. I was just off on my counting.

I promise you, you and your table are going to LOVE everything in this stretch goal!

Update on Stretch Goal #4 - Magic Item Mini-book

We've added "Anansi's Gifts of Magic" to all of the pledge levels. We unlocked magic item evolutions AND five more magic items, which takes us to over 40 magic items in the main book "Anansi's Tapestry of Lives." 

All of the magic items will STILL appear in the main book. However, to make your life easier, we're also compiling them into an easily navigable PDF: "Anansi's Gifts of Magic." 

This has been added to every pledge level and has resulted in an unexpected bonus!

Previously, we simply did not have enough space to include art for each magic item listing in the main book. However, since the items will now be duplicated in this new PDF, we don't have to be concerned with page limits.

The result is that each item in "Anansi's Gifts of Magic" will have art!

Are you excited? Because I'm excited!

I'm also excited for a project from our friends: KIDS ON BIKES 2ND EDITION 

The Kids are back…Live and Let Ride!

Enhanced, with even more adventures, Kids on Bikes 2nd Edition is from the same creators, Doug Levandowski (Home, Aunt Aganta's Attic) and Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, Dinosaur Island) that brought you the original super versatile, ENnie award-winning system playing on top gaming channels everywhere (such as Dimension20, HyperRPG, Roll20 and more)!

This new edition is fully compatible with the original Kids on Bikes, including Strange Adventures #1 & #2, but here are just a few new game experience to look forward to:

  •  Create compelling new creatures with our updated storytelling devices in the expanded Game Master section.
  • Play with the Improved Powered Characters and unleash your inner hero.
  • Get back on your feet after a fight: Fatal and violent altercations have been adjusted to allow for difficulty, age of players and ease of play
  •  Decide on intensity of play and adjust to each interaction accordingly- just like your favorite video games!
  • Last but not least: Bike-ride-themed tools are here!!

Some of our wonderful collaborators are also on the Kids On Bikes project. Check it out!

Stretch Goal UNLOCKED! Plus, should we have standees as an add-on?
5 months ago – Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 01:05:34 AM

Thanks to all of you, and a new "Avatar of The Sky God's Revenge" pledge, we unlocked Stretch Goal #7!

We're excited to create these higher tiered stat blocks AND create some variant art for these NPCs!

Stretch Goal 8!

Our next stretch goal has something Extra special for you! In addition to some more stat blocks, we're also including player options inspired by a few NPCs.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Stretch Goals 9 and 10?

We're looking at new side quests and story hooks for Stretch Goal 9. We're looking at additional NPCs for Stretch Goal 10.

However, some backers have also mentioned standees. If we were to make Stretch Goal 9 Acrylic or Cardboard Standees as a purchasable add-on, how many people would be interested?

Tell us in the comments what you want!

Thanks again for all of your awesome support and for hyping us on you socials! 

- Jamie