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It's your last chance to get these TTRPG and D&D 5E resources at a discount! 1,300+ players, DMs, and GMs just like you funded our Kickstarter, so we could bring you a ton of fun tools for your table! Richly detailed NPCs, virtual tabletop tokens, location descriptions, a storytelling app - Anansi gives you everything you need to make your games less prep and more fun! Pre-order now to get discounted access to all the tools Anansi has to offer. Don't miss your last chance to get the books, PDFs, app, cards, tokens, and more at a huge savings. Anansi's Tapestry of Lives: 350 pages of NPCs, items, side quests and more. 5E compatible, but perfect for any tabletop roleplaying game. Anansi's Journal of Common Places: 140 pages of detailed locations the adventure books don't cover. Fits perfectly into any homebrew world. VoxStoria web app: Phone, tablet, desktop access to every NPC description PLUS professionally voice acted intro monologues to bring these beloved characters to life. Explore the bundles, and pick the one that's best for you. We're keeping the pre-order store open for just a little while longer. Once these discounted bundles are gone, they're gone for good! Happy gaming!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal Update! Player options?!?
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 14, 2022 at 10:32:58 PM

We're less than $1,000 away from unlocking your next stretch goal, so let's talk about what you're getting!

More Stat Blocks. More Art.

Our $75k stretch goal will unlock two variant stat blocks for several of the NPCs! Having three stat blocks for each of these NPCs make it easier you to slot them into campaigns of different levels or allow you to "level" the NPCs along with your players.

We heard the feedback that not everyone will use the stat blocks, so we're also including some variant art for each of these NPCs! That will give you a visual way to depict them at a different level.

Next Stretch Goal! $85k

We're inching closer to a big milestone, and want you to feel rewarded and motivated to help spread the word, so this next stretch goal is fully loaded! Maybe even Overloaded?!

When we unlock this massive stretch goal, we'll add:

  • 5 NPCs without stats get stat blocks
  • 5 Subclasses inspired by NPCs
  • 5 Feats inspired by those subclasses

Planned Subclasses

  • Bard: Aerialist (dancing through battle, you inspire and dazzle friend and foe alike)
  • Fighter: Guardian (the halflings' tradition of knighthood - mastiff included)
  • Paladin: Oath of The Vagabond King (sometimes to save the world, you have to tear it down)
  • Sorcerer: Soothsayer (the spirits of nature whisper their secrets to your soul)
  • Wizard: Thrall Lord (living or dead, all things bend to your command)

Planned Feats

  • Acrobat - You're exceptionally graceful in and out of battle.
  • Cavalry Knight - What if your mount didn't die all the time?
  • Petty Nobility - Even if they hate you, they'll respect you.
  • Rebel Leader - Inspire fervor in your allies and fear in your enemies.
  • Tempestarii - Is it really "predicting" the weather when you can change it? 

For ease, the player options will be added as a separate section in the book and as a separate PDF handout you can give to players. Subclasses and feats are in draft form. We'll have rounds of playtesting, feedback, and revision to ensure these are balanced, interesting, and fun at the table! 


IF we can reach this new stretch goal by Sunday at 12 pm Pacific Time, we'll also include Bonus Art of iconic characters for each of the subclasses! It'll be almost like having 5 more NPCs!

Please Help Us Hit The Stretch Goal! Share On Your Socials.


There's TWO things you can do on Twitter that will help us get the word out.

1. Quote retweet our current pinned post, stating what you like about Anansi's, or why you backed it, and ask people to support it if they can, like, comment, and share if they can’t.

Note: If you also like and comment on it, that really boosts its standing in the algorithm.

2. Comment on and then retweet Matthew Mercer's tweet from October 5. You can do the same with Deborah Ann Wolls' tweet. Commenting why you like the project and retweeting will also get more people excited for Anansi's!


Similarly commenting, liking, and sharing our pinned FB post will get new eyes on the project.


Shocking no one, you can do the same with our pinned post on Instagram.

You do the best job of spreading the word! Were grateful for the hype. Let people know why they should back Anansi's, and we'll be unlocking more stretch goals in no time! 

Thank you for your support, and please keep the comments and ideas coming. Obviously, we are listening!

- Jamie

Make your own stretch goals! Plus, did you check out DesiQuest!
6 months ago – Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 01:14:53 AM

Hey, everyone. I don't want to spam you with updates, but something occurred to me. We've planned our stretch goals, however, there might be stuff YOU really want included that we didn't consider. You'll have a chance to see the content and give feedback as we do edits and polish the content, but I want to create some space for feedback right here, right now. :)

In terms of stretch goals, what would you really like more of?

Broadly speaking it could be more:

  • Art
  • NPCs
  • Stat Blocks
  • Magic Items
  • Story tables/inventories
  • Side quests/story hooks

Or maybe there's something else? Like you want the ability to upload and save your own NPCs on the NPC Voices App? Maybe you want maps for some of the side quests? Maybe you want free coffee for life and a world free of goblins who steal the one sock from the dryer? (freaking goblins!)

I can't promise we'll be able to do everything everyone suggests, but if I know what excites people most, we can see if and how we can make that happen for you!

Let me know in the comments what content you're most excited for and what you'd like for stretch goals!

Also, follow up to Update #11: Enchanting Music has won out. Thank you for your feedback. We're going to be updating our Twitter with the enchanting music version of the vid! And getting it posted EVERYWHERE! (Epic is up on Twitter now because we needed to post something, but I'm excited to switch it up!)

Check Out DesiQuest! Last 48 Hours!

DesiQuest is a high-quality actual play Dungeons & Dragons show featuring an all South Asian cast, led by GM Jasmine Bhullar, and directed by Sandeep Parikh.

Jasmine Bhullar, the director and show creator, is a writer on Anansi's and a truly legendary GM. She is phenomenally talented, and has brought together an equally talented team of performers to delight you with an epic tale of adventure!

In addition to funding an incredible show, you can get a soundtrack, and gaming content rewards. 

You can support this campaign for as little as $11.

Check it out!

Support if you can, hype it on socials if you can't!

Thank you again for your continued support. Always feel free to reach out with questions, comments, and feedback!

- Jamie


Almost forgot to do an art drop! What do you all think of this beautiful travelling merchant's wagon? I think it has some stories to tell. Also... it's just a feeling, but don't trust that little jewelry box. Swear to god, I think it winked at me.

Stretch Goal For Your FREE D20 Unlocked! Next up, stat blocks for multiple tiers of play!
6 months ago – Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 11:02:53 PM

Thank you! Thank you!

You've unlocked our 5th stretch goal! Now everyone who backs for a book gets a free special D20 exclusive to the campaign. This is a standard-sized beautiful D20. If you want the oversized D20 or the full set, you can grab those as add-ons! Our Intangible Masters get the book covers as digital wallpaper.

Next Stretch Goal at $75k. More stat blocks.

You can already use Anansi's NPCs in all your adventures. But we want to make them fit even better! Sometimes you quest at lower tiers and sometimes at high tiers. Ideally, NPCs can fit into campaigns of different levels. Well, for our next stretch goal, we'll make that ideal a reality.

While we're not doing different illustrations for each different level of play, once we unlock the next stretch goal, the five NPCs your players are most likely to face off against (or fight alongside), will each get two additional stat blocks! That means 10 more stat blocks! These will include unique new abilities to keep your players on their toes, and keep the NPCs fun for you. It could also include new magic items!

We have some of the NPCs identified for this, but after the campaign ends we'll invite your feedback in our Discord server

Feel free to join our Discord during the campaign too. It's a great space to give us feedback and share your ideas.

Now let's spread the word about Anansi's and get that next stretch goal unlocked!


 Some other projects by our friends!

Into the Wilds is a collection of 6 fully customisable, biome and region themed battlemap books for your favourite TTRPG. They are ideal for pre-set or random encounters out in the wilderness, so you can be fully prepared no matter which direction your players choose to head in.

This Kickstarter has 6 customisable biome and region themed Battlemap Books,  there's 2 variations of each map, 1 pre-setup with assets & 1 unfurnished for you to adapt,  lots of re-usable ‘static cling’ asset stickers for full creative customisation,  a dry-erase finish for easy battle-tracking and notation.  There's digital and VTT ready versions of all Battlemaps and assets!

Get these map books and other rewards -

We're not done with Maps!

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 6 is a digital maps package with amazing hand drawn, full color grid/grid-less and VTT maps. And each map comes with a Royalty Free License so you can use them in your own print/digital/streaming projects!

Pledges start at around $11 US for the ‘MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 6’ package, with pledges available for lots more maps, all with Royalty Free Licenses included.

Check out all the rewards

Thank you again for supporting Anansi's Tapestry of Lives!

- Jamie

$800 From Our Next Stretch Goal! Plus a new SPECIAL Stretch Goal! AND tell me which video you like more.
6 months ago – Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 06:44:29 AM

We're super close to getting everyone who pledges for the book a free special D20, exclusive to this campaign. Digital rewards backers will get the beautiful cover art for all the books as digital wallpaper.

Anansi's NPCs In An Actual Play Livestream?

On Saturday, I woke up and saw we'd hit 701 backers. I was pretty excited. I reached out to some of our voice actors with an idea. Would they be interested in an epic one-shot streamed on Twitch/YouTube, where they play some of the NPCs they voiced through a few of the adventures in the book?

Answers ranged from "yes" to "when can we start?"

This could be REALLY fun for everyone, but a show like this isn't exactly in the budget. So, I'm putting a challenge out there. If we can hit 1001 backers by 11:30 am on Sunday, October 16 we're going to make this show for you! And YOU will have a chance to influence what happens in the show! You'll be able to give inspiration to players, to the DM's monsters, and create other fun twists.

If you want this to happen, one way to get the word out is to do a quick and easy post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or Reddit about the Kickstarter you've backed (and maybe even why). We need less than 270 more people to back us (even at the PDF level) and we'll beat the goal. If you let people know about Anansi's and tell them they should back it too, we'll get way more than 270 new fans and friends! You'll get this awesome show (and a bunch more unlocked stretch goals)!!

Feel free to use this sample text:

I backed this really great Kickstarter, Anansi's Tapestry of Lives. It's 320+ pages of TTRPG and 5E compatible content. There's over 100 NPCs. There's magic weapons, adventures, detailed locations. Fits great into any game! Check it out and pledge if you can -

OR write whatever you feel comfortable with. But please post if you can, because it really does help. You can unlock the show and unlock more content with stretch goals!

Feedback, please! Which video do you like better?

We have one video, but TWO different soundtracks. I need your help, because I have no idea which one is better. One is more epic and one is more enchanting. Tell me your favorite in the comments, please!

Thank you again for all your support! I really appreciate you.

- Jamie

Stretch Goal Unlocked! More Magic Items. Next Stretch Goal: Custom D20
6 months ago – Thu, Oct 06, 2022 at 06:40:51 PM

STRETCH GOAL ULOCKED! We're adding Five More Magic Items to the book. 

We'll also compile all the magic items items into a separate PDF "minibook." 

All the magic items will still appear in Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, alongside the related NPC. However, you'll also be able to quickly reference them in this new separate PDF!

Next Stretch Goal: A Free D20 at $65k

All our backers who pledge for a tier with physical products (or who have physical product add-ons) will get a custom D20. It's a regular sized version of the Sky God's Giant D20.

Intangible Masters (all digital), we haven't forgotten about you! When this stretch goal unlocks, we'll add the three digital wall papers of the Anansi cover art to your pledge!

Overgrown Garden

Because I'm not yet ready to break a trend of sharing art, here's the in-progress version of the overgrown garden!

Like many of our locations in Anansi's Journal of Common Places, the overgrown garden is written to be useable in just about any campaign with any adventure or NPC. However, it's also written to support a specific NPC from Anansi's Tapestry of Lives. In this case, Auspice!

Yes, we do know that technically she should be an "Abbess." We'll make that change before finalizing her write up.

How might Auspice and her overgrown garden make an appearance in your campaign?

- Jamie